Kid Camera

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Beautiful and Handy Digital Cameras For Kids

Who doesn’t love to take pictures and freeze memorable moments? The kids pretend like adults and often try to click pictures with the costly cameras. Why not give their enthusiasm the right element to enjoy? LYH presents a beautiful collection of cameras designed specifically for kids.

In our collection, you will surely find the cutest kid camera for the budding photographer at home. Children love our cameras due to their beautiful array of colours and easy to handle designs. All these cameras come with excellent resolution and a dedicated IPS screen to check the photos and videos captured by the young hands.

You will find a plethora of cameras for kids in our collection to choose from. These cameras have primitive digital functions that all kids can handle these days. Some of the models also have two lenses, one for taking selfies and other for taking conventional photos. In fact, a model is also applicable to underwater photography. Imagine the fun your kids will have at a pool party.  They can also take this camera for underwater activities on a vacation.

The exclusive features of a kid camera mentioned below will surely impress you.

  • Resolution

You will find multiple options in this aspect ranging from 3 MP to 8 MP. Depending on the camera, kids can take high-resolution photos and shoot videos. You can check the specification of the camera in the product details and choose accordingly.

  • Storage

Every camera comes with dedicated internal memory for storing photos. These cameras can shoot videos for a maximum of 2 hours and have a huge capacity to store photos.

  • Screen

All these cameras come with a dedicated screen for kids to check the quality of photos or watch the videos they shot.

  • Autofocus and face recognition

The hardware design of these cameras allows kids to take photos easily with the help of autofocus and face recognition features. Some even have built-in frames to make the photos more interesting and funny.

  • Battery

These cameras can be charged ad used for a few hours straight to shoot videos. The capacity of these batteries is enough to cover an eventful day.

  • Design

The hardware design of these cameras has cute colours and fits well into the small hands of the kids.

Why wait then? Choose a kid camerafrom our collection and make it a perfect surprise gift for the young ones.