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Lightweight portable phone gimbals for creative video shooting


If you are a video blogger or a journalist or an enthusiast to make new exceptional video content, you will need a brilliant smartphone or GoPro stabilizer. This is where a handheld phone gimbalcan be the best addition to your video-shooting gear. LYH presents acollection of the best and most popular gimbals for video aficionados like you. These items are scientifically designed to deliver the highest stabilization to your video-shooting ventures with absolute convenience to hold your smartphones and GoPro.


Professional gimbals can cost you a fortune but this remarkable handheld phone gimbal is the best you can get to convert your smartphone into a high-standardvideo camera. A Gimbalcan help you utilize the fullest potential of your phone cameras and delivers the best free-motion shooting flexibility.


The features of these gimbals are:


  • Easy to hold handles with proper gripping design
  • Excellent smartphone and GoPro holding clamps that will not let your device to shake and slip.
  • The lightest Gimbal to hold for hours without feeling weary.
  • Operation time ranging from 5 to 12 hours with a minimum charging time. All these items are best for outdoor shooting without worrying about a charging point.
  • Magnificent three-axis control system offering a brilliant platform to stabilize your phone/GoPro the way you want to shoot videos.
  • Remarkable control panel design that can be easily operated. No learning curve whatsoever.
  • Exceptional ground to stabilize your phone camera even at unconventional angles without worrying about dropping or slipping the phone.
  • Fits all kinds of video-shooting needs even for professionals. Professional videographers and journalists also use a phone gimbal for capturing better shots.
  • Easy setting up in any situation. All these items are splash-proof.
  • Very lightweight and compact designs that can take very little space in bags. A gimbal is easy to carry and hold without feeling the load.


Escalate your creativity with the use of these remarkable handheld gimbals. Check the specifications and find out the most suitable items for the purpose. There is no learning curve for using a phone gimbal. Simple illustration in the manual and your experience will be enough to make good use of this perfect video-shooting gear.


Bring out the professional in you by using the best gimbalfrom the top brands in our collection. Get them today at the fairest price and add more satisfaction in shooting breath-taking videos.